Willem Prins Lecture

The TU Delft polymer science community has a standing tradition to invite selected candidates to present a Willem Prins lecture. This is to honour the candidates contribution to polymer science and to acknowledge their impact on the research done at TU Delft.
Traditionally TU Delft is known for work relating to polymer science when it concerns the physics and physical chemistry of complex polymer systems. Some topics include polymer rheology (networks, LCPs), physical ageing, polymer dynamics (fluorescent probes, Tg in confinement, dielectric spectroscopy, time and frequency domain relations), mechanics of complex polymer systems (LCPs, block copolymers, polymer nanocomposites), polymers for functional applications (optical properties, PEM fuel cells, Li-ion batteries, magnetic & electric responsive gels) to name a few topics of past and current interest.
Willem Prins

Past Willem Prins lecture recipents

Prof. dr. A.N. Beris , Prof. dr. H. Berghmans, Prof. dr. H. Block, Prof. dr. D.V. Boger,Prof. dr. D.J. Broer, Prof. dr. ir. B.H.A.A. van den Brule, Prof. dr. W. Burchard, Dr. E. Drent, Prof. dr. K. Dusek, Prof. dr. R. Gerhard-Multhaupt, Prof. dr. E.J. Goethals, Prof. dr. G. Hinrichsen, Prof. dr. M. Ilavsky, Prof. dr. H. Janeschitz-Kriegl, Prof. dr. ir. L.P.B.M. Janssen, Prof. dr. R. Koningsveld, Prof. dr. F. Kremer, Prof.dr. Fred MacKintosh, Prof. dr. D.C. Neckers, Prof. dr. T. Pakula, Prof. dr. A.J. Pennings, Prof. dr. J. Reedijk, Prof. S.B. Ross-Murphy, Dr. A.E. Rowan, Prof. dr. ir. L.C.E. Struik, Prof. Dr. R.P. Sijbesma, Prof. dr. ing. M. H. Wagner, Prof. dr. U. Wiesner, Prof. dr. G. Williams.